What an amazing experience!

Dear All
What a wonderful and memorable experience we have had! Our first collaboration residential has been a great success, thank you staff and children for an incredible adventure from start to finish. 161 miles to go hoping some very, tired children will finally have a snooze! Have a good rest over the weekend, you deserve it, Mrs Cook, Mr Hill, , Mrs Burnett, Mr Hays, Mrs Morman, Mrs Cliff and Mrs Mason you have been truly amazing!
Thank you
Mrs Fearnley

What a wonderful day!

Well we have had a wonderful day with amazing experiences for the children! Thanks to all the staff of both schools for making it so special and run so smoothly. Suspect the children won’t get to sleep for a while though, they are buzzing – no rest for us tonight! Thanks for blogging everyone, night night big hugs from the children. Mrs Fearnley