What an amazing experience!

Dear All
What a wonderful and memorable experience we have had! Our first collaboration residential has been a great success, thank you staff and children for an incredible adventure from start to finish. 161 miles to go hoping some very, tired children will finally have a snooze! Have a good rest over the weekend, you deserve it, Mrs Cook, Mr Hill, , Mrs Burnett, Mr Hays, Mrs Morman, Mrs Cliff and Mrs Mason you have been truly amazing!
Thank you
Mrs Fearnley


7 thoughts on “What an amazing experience!

  1. It’s been wonderful being able to share their experience! Thank you to all involved for taking such good care of our precious children & making it such an amazing time for them.
    If I know Emma & Amy they’ll still be chattering all the way home!! X

    • Rebecca Barker (Amy’s mum)
      Thanks to all the staff (those present during the trip and all those involved in the organising of this amazing experience for our children)enjoy the weekend you all deserve the rest ! Can’t wait to see you Amy xxx
      I agree with Emma’s mum possibly them two still chatting !!! Xxx

  2. I agree Mrs Fearnley, fab bunch of staff we have here at Greasbrough. Jo loves school and his buddies and this trip to London has been a great experience for these children to have together. 🙂

  3. THANKYOU to all the fabulous dedicated members of staff for making this magical memorable experience possible for our precious children. They will recollect there wonderful experiences for the rest of there lives and share with many others throughtout !!! It’s been fantastic for us to be able to follow there journey step by step throughout and share our thoughts and comments with everyone involved, participating from home, Viewing the photos with the peace of mind knowing everyone is safe and happy means a lot to us at home waiting in anticipation for the safe return of our babies..this trip has been a wonderful success, a credit to Greasbrough school for the smooth roll out from start to finish!!! See you soon Jacob can’t wait to give you a big cuddle love Mummy xxxx

  4. What a fantastic trip, can’t believe how much you have managed to see and do in two days! A big thankyou to all the staff, have really enjoyed following the events and looking at the photos, amazing!! Love to you amelia, can’t wait to see you xxxxx

  5. A big thank you to all the staff for giving up their time away from their own families to make our children’s first residential amazing! Alyssa has really enjoyed it and hats off to you for managing to fit so much in and stick to a tight schedule whilst battling London traffic!

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