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  1. Just wanted to thank all the people for looking after Mia. What wonderful memories she will have for a very long time. Love you Mia. xxx

  2. Have a safe journey home. Hopefully there will be some sleepy heads so you teachers may get a bit of a rest. You have all done a great job keeping all ours precious children safe. Thank you all! Can’t wait to see you callum! Love ya xx

  3. What a brilliant experience you all have had!!! Have a very safe journey home – carn’t wait to see you Harley!!!!! Xxxx

  4. Have a safe journey home, what a wonderful experience u have had. Not long now Tyler n u will be home. love u son xx

  5. Can’t believe how much you have seen with such a large amount of children, truly amazing ! Very lucky children !

  6. Loved seeing all of your photos, looks like you have had an amazing time!!! Can’t wait until your home Josh,
    Love you loads!!:))xxxxx

  7. Well done to all the school teachers and pupils, the trip has been a great success, can’t wait to hear all from my Grandson Mason Fish xx love you Mason 🙂 x Nana

  8. Awrhh my little boys home safe and sound! Thankyou to all the staff that have made the trip amazing!!:))xxxx

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