It’s oh so quiet :-)

Just been for a wander down the corridor on floor 5 and THINK everyone is asleep – will be fun waking them all in the morning, we may have grumpy face pictures on the blog!

7 thoughts on “It’s oh so quiet :-)

  1. Morning Mia. Hope you had a good sleep. Enjoy your last day. Take lots of photos. Missing you & looking forward to seeing you tonight. You will have lots to tell us. Lots of love Mummy & Lola. xxx

  2. Good morning what a busy day you’ve got. Hope you all had a good sleep. Can’t wait till to see you later trinny have a good day love u mum xxx

  3. good morning kristian emily said last night as we was going to bed “its strange without kristian here mum” hope u ad a gud nights sleep cant wait to hear all about it wen u come home later luv u loads

  4. Morning bailey hope you had a gd nights rest and ready for today…. get pleanty pictures taken n have a great day cant wait to see you later…. wish you would let camera near you…. xx

  5. Morning thomas, have another fabulous day. Hope you get on some blog photos & dont foget to take loads of pics with your camera. Love you loads, mum xxxx

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