12 thoughts on “Here we are!

  1. Enjoy the show kids then sleep well tonight, another busy day tomorrow. Give us a smile next time the cameras out callum! X

  2. That’s Better Jacob!! THANKYOU
    Lovely to see you all so happy enjoying this wonderful adventure. Make sure you get some sleep darling fun packed day tomorrow too. Love all of us xxxx

  3. Hope you all enjoyed the show! Take lots of pics tomorrow callum and don’t forget to hold the cameras steady! Try and get in some of the pics yourself! Sleep well babs! Love ya lots xxx

  4. Hope you all had a fabulous time at the show! Really enjoying reading all of your blogs, can’t wait to see all of your sight seeing pictures tomorrow, I’m sure Y5P will want to have a good look at the blogs in the morning too! Sleep night love Miss P x

  5. Morning hope you got your full english this morning Callum. See if you can get on a pic ,’cos great gramps keeps asking me where you are. Hey he’s biased he is 90 yrs.

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